Sound x Human

Research Themes

As its name suggests, "Sound x Human" project focuses on the crossing between sounds and humans. The most important sound for humans would be human voices; Voice facilitates human-to-human communication with the help of language. Music would be another important sound for humans. Noise is not useful for humans, but reducing its disconfort could be a good research theme. Those various sounds can be captured in computers for analysis or generated by computers. Let's study the new way of sound processing.

You might think that we are very technology-oriented, but in fact we aren't. If you are not good at programming or mathematics, research themes related to psychology or sociology may suit you. So please do not hesitate to visit us.

Research themes below are examples, but we can help you with any theme if you have specific research plan.

Speech recognition / Speaker identification / Emotion recognition

Developing application or interface to analyze human voice. You can make an application to estimate WHAT was spoken, WHO was speaking, How the speaker feels, etc.

Speech and singing voice synthesis

Developing an emotional speech synthesis system. Making applications and contents equipped with singing voice synthesis. Speaking and singing voice synthesis by the voice of specific target person.

Language learning

Developing pronunciation and listeinig training application. Audio processing methods for language learning.

Spacial audio and microphone array

Controlling the spacial audio characteristics by using various microphones and loudspeakers. Making contents and applications that make use of spacial audio techniques and direction-of-arrical esimating methods. Also includes binaural recording.

Multimedia expression using audio processing techniques

Creating multimedia art works and performance system using sonification and interactive audio analysis techniques.

Auditory psychology

Investigating human reaction to various sounds. Designing and analyzing environmental and alarm sounds.


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Schedule for undergraduates

Year 3

JulyMember selection. Kick-off meeting.
SeptemberSOSEI-KADAI (preliminary research project) starts.

Year 4

AprilResearch project starts.
JuneRegistration of tentative thesis title.
JulyMidterm presentation.
OctoberRegistration of final thesis title.
JanuaryThesis submission
FebruaryFinal presentation. Submission of revised thesis.

Internal information

Internal infomation is available for laboratory members only. (Password required, mostly in Japanese)