Obuchi lab.


sound wave We study various aspects of audio and speech science, including speech recognition and audio signal processing. Prof. Obuchi has strong expertise in human speech processing, but the research field of our group is expanding to other sound-related sciences. The research methodologies include not only theories and algorithms, but also applicational approaches such as developing smartphone apps, games, and multimedia contents. If you are interested in investigating the essence of sound, improving people's life by sound, or solving the mystery of sound by the computer, please come and see our laboratory.


Sound x Human

This is the project for seniors (graduation research), that focuses on the relationship between sounds and humans. For more information, visit the project site.



obuchi Yasunari OBUCHI (Professor)

email: mailaddress

Born in 1966. He received the B.S. degree and the M.S. degree in physics in 1988 and 1990, and the Ph.D. in information science and technology in 2006, all from the University of Tokyo. He worked at Central Research Laboratory and Advanced Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd,. from 1992 to 2015. During his career in Hitachi, he was also a Visiting Scholar at Carnegie Mellon University from 2002 to 2003, a Visiting Researcher at Waseda University from 2005 to 2010, and a manager at Clarion Co, Ltd. from 2013 to 2015. From 2015, he has been working as a professor at Tokyo Unversity of Technology.

ochi Keiko OCHI (Assistant Professor)

Graduate Students (MS)

  • T. Otani
  • D. Fukunaga
  • Y. Ono
  • H. Yajima

Class of FY2018

  • R. Ito
  • H. Enomoto
  • T. Kamijima
  • H. Kanbara
  • K. Kudo
  • T. Sasaki
  • Y. Sasaki
  • T. Shinbo
  • R. Sugimoto
  • S. Nozaki
  • I. Nomura
  • K. Hasegawa
  • K. Hanyuda
  • L. Meinicke
  • H. Matsui
  • W. Yokota
  • T. Watanabe
  • K. Kikuchi
  • J. Yamaguchi


S. Horiuchi
S. AmanoT. IchikawaH. Kanematsu
M. KimuraK. SatoS. Takahashi
T. NakataR. HayashiS. Fukushima
T. HoriY. MagamiK. Maruyama
T. Oishi
M. AkimotoY. OnoY. Kaneko
M. KandaD. SatoS. Takamaki
M. TakeyamaK. TsuzukiF. Tokita
T. HaginoA. FurukawaY. Murakami
T. YamaguchiM. Yokoyama
K. TakashimaE. Kamal


Journal papers

Peer-reviewed conference papers

  • K. Shima, T. Homma, M. Motohashi, R. Ikeshita, H. Kokubo, Y. Obuchi, and J. She
    "Efficient Corpus Creation with Reduced Number of Subjects for Natural Language Understanding"
    The 8th International Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Industrial Applicationsn and The 12th China Japan International Workshop on Infomation Technology and Control applications, Tengzhou, China (2018)
  • T. Isei-Jaakkola and K. Ochi
    "A Preliminary Study on the Respiratory Muscular and Respiratory Control of Chinese JFL, Utilizing 4 RST and a Respiratory Mask"
    The 17th International Conference on the Processing of East Asian Languages and The 9th Conference on Language, Discourse, and Cognition, Taipei, Taiwan (2018)
  • T. Isei-Jaakkola and K. Ochi
    "Gender Differences in Respiratory Muscular Movements in Reading Japanese and English texts by JL1 and JEFL"
    ExLing2018 - 9th Tutorial and Research Workshop on Experimental Linguistics, Paris, France (2018)
  • K. Ochi K. Mori, and N. Sakai
    "Automatic Evaluation of Soft Articulatory Contact for Stuttering Treatment"
    Interspeech, Hyderabad, India (2018)
  • T. Isei-Jaakkola, K. Ochi, and K. Hirose
    "Respiratory and Respiratory Muscular Control in JL1's and JL2's Text Reading Utilizing 4-RSTs and a Soft Respiratory Mask with a Two-Way Bulb"
    Interspeech, Huderabad, India (2018)
  • T. Isei-Jaakkola and K. Ochi
    "Frequency and Durational Comparisons of Pauses in Reading Two Short Stories by Japanese L1 and EL2 and English L1"
    The 2nd International Symposium on applied Phonetics, Aizu, Japan (2018)
  • T. Otani and Y. Obuchi
    "Voice controllable multimodal performance system"
    14th International Conference of Asia Digital Art and Design Association, Gwangju, Korea (2017)
  • Y. Obuchi
    "Personalized Quantification of Voice Attractiveness in Multidimensional Merit Space"
    Interspeech, Stockholm, Sweden (2017)
  • M. Hamamura, S. Takamaki, and Y. Obuchi
    "Relationship between the Use of Portable Audio Devices and Taking Notice of the Approach Informing Sound of Quiet Vehicles"
    5th Joint Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the Acoustical Society of Japan, Honolulu, HI, USA (2016)
  • Y. Obuchi
    "Framewise Speech-Nonspeech Classification by Neural Networks for Voice Activity Detection with Statistical Noise Suppression"
    Proc. IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing, Shanghai, China (2016)

Peer-reviewed domestic meetings (including those written in Japanese)

  • 大谷泰斗, 越智景子, 大淵康成
    「JackTopGuitar: オーディオビジュアルパフォーマンスのためのギターと音声入力を使用したライブインタフェース」
    NICOGRAPH2018, J-2 (2018)
  • 伊東彩織, 越智景子, 大淵康成
    NICOGRAPH2018, P-14 (2018)
  • 山口純弥, 大淵康成, 越智景子
    NICOGRAPH2018, P-15 (2018)
  • 長谷川幸士, 越智景子, 大淵康成
    NICOGRAPH2018, P-23 (2018)
  • 横田渉, 大淵康成
    NICOGRAPH2017, P-7 (2017)
  • 福永大輝, 大淵康成
    NICOGRAPH2017, P-12 (2017)
  • 大石貴之, 大淵康成, 佐々木和郎
    NICOGRAPH2016, S-8 (2016)
  • A. Alharbi, K. Sasaki, and Y. Obuchi
    "Interface Design and Time Synchronization Function of Second Screen Application for TV Audience"
    NICOGRAPH2016, P-1 (2016)
  • 横山万緑, 大淵康成
    NICOGRAPH2016, P-9 (2016)
  • 大谷泰斗, 横田渉, 大淵康成
    NICOGRAPH2016, P-22 (2016)

Domestic meetings (including those written in Japanese)

  • 伊勢井ヤーッコラ敏子, 越智景子, 広瀬啓吉
    日本音響学会秋季研究発表会, (2018)
  • 矢島春香,大淵康成,越智景子
    第5回 ADADA Japan 学術大会, P-12 (2018)
  • 堀内将生,越智景子,大淵康成
    第5回 ADADA Japan 学術大会, P-15 (2018)
  • 斉礼,佐々木和郎,大淵康成
    日本感性工学会春季大会, WPI-28 (2018)
  • 斉礼,佐々木和郎,大淵康成
    映像表現・芸術科学フォーラム, 8 (2018)
  • 福永大輝,大淵康成
    映像表現・芸術科学フォーラム, 23 (2018)
  • 室崎之典,小野龍一,斎藤佑祈,大淵康成,羽田久一
    情報処理学会研究報告, 2018-EC-47-8 (2018)
  • 小野龍一,室崎之典,斉藤佑祈,中野亜希人,大淵康成,羽田久一
    エンタテインメントコンピューティングシンポジウム (2017)
  • 高巻昌太郎,濱村真理子,大淵康成
    日本音響学会春季研究発表会, 1-4-6 (2017)
  • 横田渉,大淵康成
    映像表現・芸術科学フォーラム, 75 (2017)
  • 山口知子,大淵康成
    映像表現・芸術科学フォーラム, 78 (2017)
  • 大谷泰斗,大淵康成
    映像表現・芸術科学フォーラム, 81 (2017)
  • Emad Kamal, Yasunari Obuchi, and Kazuo Sasaki
    "Development of Arabic Learning Application for Smartphones Using Voice Recognition"
    IEICE 2016 General meeting, Students poster session, ISS-P-120 (2016)
  • 高島景載, 佐々木和郎, 大淵康成
    23rd Workshop on Interactive Systems and Software (WISS 2015), 1-R-12 (2015)

List of Master's and Graduation Theses (mostly in Japansese)

Prof. Obuchi's publication before joining TUT (partly in Japanese)


Prof. Obuchi's office is #512 of Kenkyuto-C (research bldg. C). You can find Kenkyuto-C in Campus Map, though it's written in Japanese. The access to the Hachioji Campus is shown here.